Policies Ideal Mini Hotel


Policies of Ideal Mini Hotel.

Dear Guests, Thank you for choosing Ideal Mini Hotel


We work 24 hours a day, 7 days per week

Check in time – 14.00, check out time – 12.00 If you plan late arrival or early departure, please let us know in any convenient way (telephone, e-mail)

Check in requires you to have passport or other legal identification document.

Payment is due upon arrival at the hotel. Accomodation without payment is not permitted.

Pay attention that from 1:00 AM to 7:00 AM the entrance of Hotel Ideal will be closed. Walking in and out of hotel is allowed only with presence of administrator.

We care about your safety and we do not appreciate presence of unauthorized persons in the hotel. Please do not bring guests along, unless they are also staying in the hotel.

The smoking withing hotel premises including the entrance is strictly prohibited. A smoking zone is reserved outside. Violaters will be fined 1000 Rubles and moved out immediately without compensation. Please take note that smoking in public places is no longer allowed in Russia.

The use of electric appliances with high power consumption - heaters (electric kettles, boilers, irons, ets.) is not allowed for fire safety reasons. The storage of flammable and explosive things, bulky items is prohibited in the hotel rooms.

Keeping food in the hotel rooms is now allowed for sanitary reasons.

Strictly forbidden:

- drinking alcohol;

- making noise, loud music, loud talking from 22:00 until 10:00;

- appearing in everyone's area of a mini hotel nude, topless or wearing only underwear;

- being aggressive or disrespectful to other Guests or hotel management.

Violators may be a fined 1,000 rubles and moved out from the hotel. Visitors with strong alcoholic or other intoxication may be not allowed to move in.

Hotel administration will not be responsible for safety of your belongings and cash. Valuables should be left in a safe box at the reception. In case of damage or loss of property or equipment of hotel you will have to compensate it’s value. Room keys are handed with a deposit of 300 rubles, which are refunded at the check out unless keys are lost. Bed linen and towels are included in the price of living. The bed linen is changed 1 time a week. Bed linen can be changed at your request for extra fee.

Enjoy your time in hotel!

Administration of Ideal Mini Hotel