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Hotel “Ideal” as an object of a temporary accommodation of the residents, including foreigners can help you to arrange tourist and business invitations to Russia. If you invite your foreign friends, colleges or partners we can help you correctly to arrange tourist and business invitations.
Pay attention that tourist invitation can’t be arranged at a private address such as apartment or cottage, and can be arranged only at the accommodation objects – hotels, hostels, pensionate, apartment units..
Invitation for touristic visa includes:

  • Invitee's exact contact details.
  • Citizenship, full name, birth date, passport serial number of the invited foreign citizen. First name and surname must be written in Russian language and in the Latin alphabet.
  • Purpose of visit (TOURISM)
  • Requested validity of visa
  • Trip itenerary (cities that you are going to visit)
  • Foreigner's place of residence (hotel, apartment unit, hostel)
  • Company seal and authorized signature.
  • Russian embassy abroad, where visa will be arranged./li>

Tourists come to us from different countries which can be divided into several classes A) not migratory dangerous countries B) migratory dangerous countries of three categories (from I to III)

Not migratory dangerous countries: EU, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and a number of other
Migratory dangerous countries (category I) Albania, Algeria, Indonesia, Jordan, Yemen, North Korea, Colombia,Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Palestine, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Rwanda, Salvador, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uruguay, Fiji, Chile, Ecuador and some countries in Africa
Migratory dangerous countries (category II) Angola, Benin, Gabon, Guinea, Egypt, India, Iran, Cambodia, Congo, Côte d'ivoire, Laos, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Senegal, Uganda, Central African Republic, Sri Lanka
Migratory dangerous countries (category III) Bangladesh, Vietnam, Ghana, China, Nigeria, Syria, Philippines

To get tourist visa at the embassy you also have to effect a policy of insurance. There are always some specific peculiarities when you arrange invitation or receive visa. This is due to the fact that rules, standards and laws are being changed very often. We think that it’s better to reach out to the experts and this will help you save time, money, and nerves. Spend your time for your friends, relatives and enjoy journeys, and leave it for experts to arrange your invitations!